Working in Germany: How to find a job or create one

History, culture and outstanding landscapes are just a few of the things you will find when you visit Germany. However, if you are considering to live and work there, it’s very likely that you’re wondering what you should do to find a proper job or even to start your own business in Germany.

The good news are that Germany offers a lot of possibilities for people who want to go there to work or even study. But, where do you start? How can you do it? That’s what you’re going to find out on this article.

Working in Germany in 5 steps

1) Evaluate the possibilities

If you want to work in Germany – it doesn’t matter if you want to find a job or create your own business – it’s essential that you evaluate your possibilities. Before starting anything you should ask yourself what would you like to do there and what are they looking for in the country.

Doing this research doesn’t demand many efforts from you. Everything you need to do is to go to “Make it in Germany” website and answer the “Quick Check” on this page.

Either you want to work, study or start your own business, there’s a possibility that you have good chances to work in Germany.

2) Validate your qualifications

If you have a diploma or any kind of certifications and you think the jobs for which you apply must ask for them, then it’s important to have your qualifications recognized in Germany.

For example, if you are looking for a job as a nurse, engineer or even a train driver, it’s very likely that the recruiting companies will ask you for a validation of your qualifications.

3) Find a job – or create one

If your goal is to find a job, you can try job listings websites. There are some positions where they even specify that they are looking for a foreigner to work with them. Websites as Indeed and LinkedIn are also good options. Besides that, you can look for jobs in specific companies. Wilde-IT for example, is an IT company from Ludwigsburg that has great opportunities for software developers, mobile developers and others.

Besides that, they also offer great services to build your own software, which is a great opportunity if you’re starting your own business in Germany. To create your own business and be self-employed in Germany, according to Make it in Germany, it is recommended to get information about needed documents in advance, before you apply for a visa.

The same rule is valid for those looking for jobs. When you go to Germany as a tourist your visa doesn’t allow you to work. So, for you to work there it’s essential that you have at least a job offer so you can apply to your work visa.

4) Apply for a Visa

As we said before, citizens from some countries can enter Germany without a visa and stay there up to three months. However, if they want to work there, they need to apply for a residence permit that allows them to work there. However, people from some other countries should only apply for one when you already have a contract of employment in Germany.

Besides that, if you want to be self-employed in Germany and work in one of the “liberal professions”, it’s possible to apply for a visa after gathering all documents required. After having received the visa and having arrived in Germany, you will have to change it into a “residence permit to exercise an independent activity”. Then, you’re good to go and to start your own business in Germany.

5) Hire a health insurance

To work and live in Germany as a foreigner you should hire a health insurance. It is mandatory in Germany, and you should have it beginning on the first day of your stay. So, make a good research and find an insurance that meets their requirements.

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