10 Reasons to Move to Germany

Reasons to Move to Germany

Reasons to Move to Germany

Are you thinking about moving to Germany but still not sure whether you should live there or not? Well, Germany is an amazing country, with a great culture and history, great public transportation, plenty of work opportunities, and more!

However, if you’re still not convinced, we have gathered 10 reasons why you should move to Germany! And we promise you, these are not even half of them!

10 Reasons to Move to Germany

1. Easy to Get a Job

Getting a job in Germany is fairly easy. So, if you’re not going there with a proper job or being relocated with your company, it’s very likely you’ll find work! Just so you can understand, the unemployment rate is pretty low – 5% in 2019. And, of course, if you’re highly skilled in your area, you can get the EU Blue Card Visa.

2. There’s a Freelancer Visa

However, if you’re not interested in getting a job, you can also move to Germany and work as a freelancer through the Freelancer Visa. This type of visa is made for those who exercise professions acknowledge by the German government as a liberal profession. So, before you get too excited, check out if your profession is considered a liberal profession.

3. It’s an Awesome Country to Start Your Own Business

If you don’t work in a liberal profession, you can still start your own business in Germany! In fact, this research from U.S. News & World Report shows that Germany is the number one country to be an entrepreneur!

4. There Are Several Great Cities to Live In

Germany has plenty of options of great cities to live in. There’s something for everyone, from small countryside cities to big metropolises. The best about them is that it doesn’t matter where you choose to live; basically, all of them have great structure, services and are well-connected to bigger cities. If you’re looking for the best cities to live in Germany, check out this post.

5. Cities are Clean and Safe

German cities are extremely clean and super safe. Wherever you walk, you will rarely see trash on the streets or even uneven sidewalks. Regarding safety, Germany ranks number 16 among 163 countries. 

6. Public Transportation Works Really Well

Public transportation in Germany is one of the best in the world. There are buses, metro, and trains inside the cities and connecting the smaller to the bigger ones. However, even though some public transportation stations don’t have anything to stop you from entering without paying, public transport is not free. You should buy and validate your ticket; otherwise, you can be fined.

7. Great Universities, Culture and History

Germany is well known for its great universities and rich culture and history. Whatever you go, you will find something you’ve seen in the history books. Big cities like Berlin are a mix of both. You’ll find a lively atmosphere of students and young people, especially artists.

8. The Food Is Great, and the Beer Is Amazing

German food is great, especially for those who eat meat. The currywurst, schnitzel, and spätzle are my absolute favorites! But there’s so much more to taste. Apart from that, the beer is amazing, and there are so many beer gardens to lay back and drink some beer with friends during Summer!

9. There Are Plenty Dog-Friendly Cafes & Restaurants

Cafes and restaurants are usually pet-friendly, especially in bigger cities. So, if you have a pet, you can mostly take it anywhere you want.

10. Sundays Are Meant to Relax

Germany takes Sundays very seriously, and very few shops and stores are open. Sometimes you can’t even find a supermarket open. While it might be inconvenient for other cultures used to having things open every day, this is a great opportunity for almost everyone to take a day off and relax.

So, are you convinced of moving to Germany? Then check out this post from Packimpex about how to move to Berlin, one of the most amazing cities in Germany!

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